About us

Enterprise – the manufacturer of TM Zebra – LLC PP “ZIP” was established at the end of the twentieth century with the purpose and the motto “Worth to do affordable”. TM Zebra is the flagship of the company, represented on the market of LFM Ukraine for 20 years. During this time a lot of things changed: the technology of paints production was improved, the quality of products increased, the range of colors widened, the number of packages increased. The history of TM Zebra is interesting and multifaceted. We offer you to get acquainted with the most interesting moments of development of your favorite brand of Ukrainians!

The world is not in place! The times are changing and everything is rolled around. TM Zebra also has an update time! We are again improving production technologies, introducing new formulations and constantly improving the quality of our products. But that’s not all! 2019 is also significant for the trademark, because for our favorite users we release TM Zeb products in aerosol cans!

From now on, repairing with TM Zebra is even simpler! Rather! More convenient! Every day a team of professionals works to make TM Zebra the best for you!

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