First coat GF-021 anticorrosive ZEBRA


It is intended for grounding of metal and wooden surfaces inside and outside of the premises under the cover of different enamels. The primer increases the adhesion (adhesion) between the surface to be painted and the finish surface. The use of the first coat reduces the amount of paint and increases the durability of the coating


  • Protects metal from corrosion </ li>
  • Excellent adhesion </ li>
  • Enhanced Protective Properties </ li>
  • Reduces the cost of enamels </ li>
  • Increases coverage life </ li>
  • Fast Drop </ li>
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Application method:
Surface preparation:

The surface to be painted must be dry, dust-free, grease, rust, scale
The old paint and varnish coatings that are opaque must be removed
Before finishing, make sure that the surface is completely dry
If necessary, dilute with a suitable solvent to the working viscosity. Inappropriate dilution of other solvents not provided herein and mixing with other paint and varnish materials.

Method of application:

Before use, first coat should be mixed thoroughly
Apply using a brush, a method of jet lining, immersion, spraying
When applying the spray method, the first coat must be thoroughly mixed and diluted to the working viscosity
When applying brush the first coat can not be diluted
Preventive measures, storage and utilization:
Keep away from children! Store and transport in tightly sealed container containers, protecting from moisture and direct sunlight. Not afraid of frost. Dispose of closed container with the remainder of the product in an organized place of collection of household waste. Keep away from the fire.

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