Washer of the old paint SP-6 ZEBRA


SP-6 washout is a mixture of active organic solvents, thickeners and extenders with the addition of an instantaneous corrosion inhibitor. The rinse is intended for removal of old paint and varnish coatings based on glyphthalic, pentaphthalic, oily, vinyl chloride, acrylic, epoxy, melamine-formaldehyde and other resins of both cold and hot hardening from different surfaces (metal, wood, concrete, ceramics)


Suitable for removing old paint and varnish coatings from the surface of wood, metal, concrete.Effective for removing various types of paint and varnish coatings.


Holding time:

Withstand the surface to be treated, depending on the thickness of the film to be removed, the type of coating and ambient temperature from 5 to 40 minutes.

Method of application:

Before use, it is necessary to REMOVE the rinsing.
Wash the surface with a brush or brush with a continuous layer of 0.2-0.5 mm thick.
After loosening or swelling of the old paint and varnish coating, remove it with a spatula, then wipe the surface with white spirit.

Preventive measures, storage and utilization:

Keep away from children! Store and transport in tightly sealed container containers, protecting from moisture and direct sunlight. Not afraid of frost. Dispose of closed container with the remainder of the product in an organized place of collection of household waste. Keep away from the fire.

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