Soil anticorrosive ZEBRA series Kolchuga


For grounding of steel and iron surfaces, which are subject to increased operational load. Provides quick drying, increased adhesion to the surface of the metal and excellent anti-corrosion protection. For external and internal work.



  • Drying time 35-40 minutes at low temperature and high humidity.


  • Guaranteed protection that will lengthen the life of the surface.


  • The best product for ground conditions in your living environment


  • Effectively used for auto repair and coloring of important industrial objects.


Surface preparation:

Before painting, clean the surface of the old exfoliated paint and rust by mechanical means.
Grind the surface with sandpaper and remove dust.
Decrease the surface using Solvent, solvent No. 646, No. 647 TM Zebra or xylene.
The surface to be painted must be dry.

Before painting, thoroughly mix the first coat.
In the presence of a surface film it must be removed.
If necessary – dilute with a solvent of high viscosity.
The work is carried out at a temperature not lower than + 5 ° С and humidity of not more than 80%.
The temperature of the painted surface should not exceed 35 ° С in order to avoid too rapid evaporation of the solvent, the appearance of pores, deterioration of adhesion, the appearance of bubbles, etc. Apply to the prepared surface with a brush, roller or spray. After work, clean the tool with solvent or xylene.

Storage, transportation and disposal conditions:

Store and transport in tightly sealed container containers, protecting from moisture and direct sunlight. Not afraid of frost. Dispose of closed container with the remainder of the product in an organized place of collection of household waste. Precautions: When painting and after finishing, carefully ventilate the room. To protect the hands use rubber gloves.

Additional information

Стартова обробка

Time of drying out


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