Lacquer professional Watercolor series


Varnish for protection and decorative treatment of various types of surfaces (metal, concrete, wooden, glass, paper, etc.), both inside and outside the premises.


  • High protection
  • Atmospheric resistance
  • Easily applied
  • Excellent adhesion to a painted surface


Method of application: It is necessary to prepare the surface beforehand: clean from old coats, grind and degrease. • As a final layer, the varnish is applied after 30 minutes. after application of the last layer of enamel • Apply at a temperature of + 15- + 30 ° C • Shake the bottle for about a minute to stir the contents. This will allow for homogeneity of the coating. • In the process of work it is necessary to periodically shake the cylinder. • Spray test spray. • Apply a small amount of varnish in a discreet place and check for compatibility with the coating. • During application, the cylinder should be held upright. Spray with a thin layer at a distance of 25-30 cm from the surface that is painted. • To achieve maximum effect, apply a varnish better in 2-3 layers at intervals of 3-5 minutes. • In case of incomplete consumption of the material, it is necessary to turn the bottle upside down and spray it until it is completely discolored. This will prevent the material from dampening in the valve and will allow the use of the balloon in the future.

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