Soil GF-021 ZEBRA Watercolor Series


It is used to cover painted and non-painted floors inside the premises.



  • Allows you to perform tasks in a shorter time.


  • Shapes a layer with high adhesion, which provides additional protective properties in enamel coating systems.


  • The resulting coating aligns with minor flaws in the base. Allows enamel to be applied more evenly.


Surface preparation:

Not painted wood: Surfaces are sanded fine-grained sandpaper. If necessary, shrink the inequalities. Clean from dirt, dust and grease. Add a wood-preserving primer.
Previously painted surface: Expansive coating to remove. Sharpen the inequalities. Coverings that hold firmly to polish fine-grained sandpaper to a matte state.
The surface should be dry and dust free.
Application method:

Before application, the enamel must be mixed thoroughly. In the presence of a surface film. it needs to be deleted. Put the enamel in two layers with a brush or roller. Apply the next layer after the drying out of the previous one.

Storage, transportation and disposal conditions:

Store and transport in tightly sealed container containers, preventing moisture and direct sunlight. Not afraid of frost. Dispose of closed container with the remainder of the product in an organized place of collection of household waste.


When painting and after finishing, carefully ventilate the room. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Additional information

Time of drying out


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