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    Soil anticorrosive ZEBRA series Kolchuga

    Surface preparation: Before painting, clean the surface of the old exfoliated paint and rust by mechanical means. Grind the surface with sandpaper and remove dust. Decrease the surface using Solvent, solvent No. 646, No. 647 TM Zebra or xylene. The surface to be painted must be dry. Dyeing: Before painting,

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    Anticorrosion enamel series Kolchuga

    Application method: Surface preparation: Preparation of the surface: Metal surfaces: New – clean dust, grease, rust, scale, primer with an anti-corrosion fast-drying ZEBRA TM Kolchug series (according to the recommendations on the label). Previously painted – to clean from paint and varnish coatings, which are exfoliated, polished, remove dust. When

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    цілодобово, дзвінки зі стаціонарних і мобільних телефонів у межах України безкоштовні