Alkyd enamels


The trademark “ZEBRA” is the flagship of the paint and varnish manufacturer, a legendary brand that the buyers know and know best. For 20 years, “ZEBRA” has supported the title of one of the best domestic goods and people’s favorites.

Why is our product?

Alkyd enamels №1 in Ukraine

The best of the sources

ТМ ZEBRA - the first production of Ukrainian production, for the manufacture of which used European raw materials. Thanks to this enamel ZEBRA - an extra class, which we support to this day.

Strong and long lasting

A unique advantage is the service life of materials. Enamels PF-116 TM ZEBRA are guaranteed to serve for 5 years, and enamels from anticorrosion line - 7 years.

20 years of Ukrainian confidence!

In 2007 TM Zebra received the award "The Best Domestic Product". What can be more persuasive than reviews and voices of goods buyers, earned by years of work and development?

ZEBRA knows everyone

TM ZEBRA is the most recognizable on the domestic market. The legendary name, invented by the buyers themselves, a stylish label and proven quality, is our business card.

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